Alan Wong teaches English Composition and Literature at Vanier College and is an activist in Montreal at the intersection of anti-racist work and LGBTQ+ activism.

In this video


  • Queering the academy

In this video, Alan discusses how his identity as a queer Asian man has informed his anti-racism work. According to Alan, COVID-19 has illuminated the isolation and lack of representation of BIPOC educators, especially within his department where he is one of six educators of colour.

Taking action

  • In dealing with micro-aggressions, opt for dialogue rather than attacking to reduce your emotional labour and be cognizant of the different places people find themselves in this work.
  • Know your battles and your mental capacities (does not account for openly racist people).
  • Approach social change as something that is doable for yourself — it does not need to be at a macro-level. Instead, bring social change to a level that you are comfortable with; all efforts count (express concerns in letters or over emails, promote events on social media, etc).
  • For administrators and institutions: listen to People of Colour, create policies to make institutional environments less toxic, improve representation in hiring processes, create a top-down commitment for social change.


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