With the aim of supporting our community in anti-oppressive change, we offer strategies to engage with our videos and their content. The goal is to provide the tools and resources to integrate these resources into your classrooms, projects, worldview and daily lives.

Our collection is intended as a sustainable repository of anti-racist and social justice centred resources. 

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Statement on accessibility

Accessibility is central to our work. We have equipped the first batch of videos with English subtitles, downloadable transcriptions and image descriptions. Together with Concordia’s Canadian Research Chair of Critical Disability Studies and Media Technologies, Arseli Dokumaci and the AIM Lab (Access in-the-making), we are working towards improving the accessibility of this platform and its materials. But accessibility concerns not only the presentation and dissemination of our materials; we also want to make access a statement in our platform, and provide a model of access that can be applied and expanded in your classrooms and pedagogic practices.

We are exploring avenues to increase French content, French subtitles, sign-language interpretation and more. If you experience any technical issues, or have recommendations for how we can make this platform more accessible, please do not hesitate to contact Jamilah Dei-Sharpe, project manager (antiracist.pedagogy@concordia.ca).

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