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Getting ready to teach

Prepare your course for the fall 2023 term.

Plan for continuous learning

Even with the return to classes on-campus, you may have students who fall ill and will have to isolate. To ensure continuous learning, you should be prepared to share digital course resources (teaching content and learning activities) with your students and to build a strong class community with open lines of communication between you and your students and your students and their peers. 

Activate your Moodle page

Activate your MOODLE page to ensure there is a simple, single place where students can locate your course resources.


Make your course content available online

The content could be anything related to key course concepts that students can read or watch at their own pace (e.g., PowerPoint slides, lecture recordings, simulations, supplemental videos, etc.) and should be shared through your course Moodle page.


Design your essential learning activities online

Design your essential learning activities online to ensure students who are ill or isolating have opportunity to deepen their understanding of the knowledge, skills or attitudes your course targets. Activities could be group discussion (synchronous or asynchronous), practice activities, project work.


Build a classroom community

Build a classroom community to ensure students can engage with you, their peers, and the course content throughout the term, even when they are not able to attend. 


Establish a communication plan and a feedback plan

Establish a communication plan and a feedback plan to ensure students can interact with you and with their peers synchronously and/or asynchronously.

Communication plan resources

Feedback plan resources

Writing support

Send your students to Concordia University’s Writing Centre with locations downtown and at Loyola. Our tutors help undergrad and grad students improve as writers while strictly adhering to Concordia’s Academic Code of Conduct.

Bookable appointments or quick drop-in sessions are available online or in-person, in French or in English. Students will find friendly peer-to-peer help at any stage of the writing process.

Syllabus guide

Refer to the syllabus guide when developing your course to ensure you have included all pertinent information for students.

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