Programs requiring the vaccine registration process

Students in the following programs, who are interning at a public healthcare or social services facility are required to register their vaccine status.

Faculty of Fine Arts:

  • Art Therapy: ATRP-613, ATRP-614, ATRP-623, ATRP-624
  • Music Therapy, MTHY-510, MTHY-511, MTHY-512, MTHY-623/633, MTHY-624/634
  • Drama Therapy, DTHY-613, DTHY-614, DTHY-623, DTHY-624
  • Play Therapy, PLTH-501, PLTH-502, PLTH-503, PLTH-504, PLTH-505    

Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

  • Therapeutic Recreation, AHSC-438
  • Human Relations, AHSC-439
  • Leisure Studies, AHSC-437
  • Family Science and Youth, AHSC-436
  • Youth Work, AHSC-533, AHSC-537, AHSC-538
  • Kinesiology and Clinical Exercise Physiology, KCEP-483 

Internship sites requiring this vaccine registration process

Registration of vaccine status is only required for students in the above programs who are interning at a public healthcare and social services facility:

  • Emergency units (except psychiatric emergency units) 
  • Intensive Care Units (except psychiatric intensive care units) 
  • Clinics specific to COVID-19 (screening, evaluation and vaccination) 
  • Units identified by an institution as reserved for persons with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis 
  • CHSLDs (public and private funded seniors living facilities) 
  • Other residential units 
  • Pneumology units  
  • Oncology departments and clinics 

Contact your practicum/internship coordinator if you are uncertain if your site qualifies. 

Did you receive at least 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine?

If you were vaccinated IN QUEBEC

Upload your proof of vaccination with QR code to indicate that you received at least 1 dose. Proof of vaccination will be emailed to you by Public Health after your appointment. 

If you were vaccinated OUTSIDE QUEBEC

Please register your vaccination with the Quebec Ministry of Health BEFORE proceeding to Concordia’s portal. You will need to book an appointment to do so. To learn how to do this, please consult the quick tutorial included below. Once registered, upload your proof of vaccination with QR code.


  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Select a service / Sélectionnez un service
  3. Select “COVID-19 Vaccine Troubleshooting / Vaccin COVID-19 - Dépannage
  4. Click “Choose this service / Sélectionner ce service.” The pop-up window will disappear, and you will be brought back to the main page of the website.
  5. Enter your postal code
  6. Select a vaccination centre near you
  7. Select “Book an Appointment / Rendez Vous
  8. Select “Vaccines received outside Quebec / Vaccin recu hors Quebec
  9. Select your appointment time, or another vaccination site if appointments are full

Please bring your ID and proof of the vaccination you received outside Quebec to your appointment. For more information about the vaccine registration process, consult the Government of Quebec

If you did NOT receive a COVID vaccine

Submit your request for COVID-19 testing through the vaccine portal. Once you begin COVID-19 testing, you must re-enter this portal to submit proof of each test.

Please note that if you choose not to get vaccinated, you must receive up to three COVID-19 tests per week at your internship site, for the duration of your internship. Your internship may be interrupted if you are not tested on time, and it will be terminated if the test is positive. In this instance, please contact your Internship Coordinator to discuss next steps. 

Please allow three weeks for Health Services to review your information. 



... about your internship? If you are in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, contact your internship professor. If you are in the Faculty of Fine Arts, contact your practicum coordinator. 

... about your proof of vaccination submission to Concordia? Contact Health Services:

... regarding information for Concordians on the Quebec vaccination program? Visit the Concordia COVID-19 vaccination page. 

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