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Locations on the Sir George Williams Campus


  • FB-SS1: east end common area
  • FG-B: common area
  • FG-C: outside classrooms

Grey Nuns

  • GN Cafeteria: currently for residents only

Hall Building

  • H-2: open mezzanine area
  • H-6: main corridor near escalators
  • H-7: corridor near Student Success Centre and cafeteria area
  • H-8: north and south ends of the main corridor
  • H-10: north and south ends of the main corridor
  • H-11: central corridor
  • H-12: central corridor

John Molson Building

  • MB-S2: common area near tunnel
  • MB-1: atrium areas
  • MB-4: north east common area
  • MB-5: north east common area
  • MB-6: north east common area

Visual Arts Building

  • VA-2: near main stairs

Locations on the Loyola Campus

  • CJ-2: common area near elevators
  • SC: Buzz Dinning Hall – currently for residents only
  • SP-S1: dinning area near elevators 


Break area health guidelines

  • Always keep at least two metres from others.  
  • Respect seating arrangements and do not move furniture.  
  • Clean your hands frequently, especially before and after eating.  
  • Wear a procedure mask unless you are eating or drinking.  
  • Do not share food or beverages.  
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your elbow, then wash your hands.  
  • Bring your garbage to a sorting station.
  • If others have left the space dirty, call 514-848-2424, ext. 2400.

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