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Daily self-evaluation questions

  • Are you experiencing one of the following symptoms?
    • Fever (oral temperature greater than 38.1°C/100.6°F)
    • Recent cough or worsening of a chronic cough
    • Difficulty breathing, like you are out of breath
    • Sudden loss of smell without nasal congestion
    • Sore throat
    • Runny nose or congestion of unknown cause
  • Are you experiencing two or more of the following symptoms?
    • Generalized muscle pain (not related to physical exertion)
    • Headaches
    • Major fatigue
    • Significant loss of appetite
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Stomach-ache of unknown cause
  • Have you returned from travelling outside of Canada in the last 14 days and DO NOT qualify for government quarantine exceptions?

If you respond yes to any of these questions, you are not permitted on campus and must complete the COVID-19 Self-declaration Form

For details see the Procedure for COVID-19 page.

Access points with mask dispensers

Wearing a procedure mask is required to enter university buildings. You can obtain one at the following locations. This is also where you will find mask recycling bins:

SGW Campus:

  • Engineering and Visual Arts Integrated Complex (EV Building): Ste-Catherine and Mackay entrances
  • Faubourg (FB) Building: Guy and Ste-Catherine entrances
  • Faubourg Ste-Catherine (FG) Building: hallway leading to classrooms 
  • Grey Nuns Residence (GN): Guy entrance in front of security desk.
  • Guy–De Maisonneuve (GM) Building: De Maisonneuve entrance 
  • Henry F. Hall (H) Building: de Maisonneuve and Bishop entrances
  • J.W. McConnell (LB) Building: de Maisonneuve, Mackay and library entrances 
  • John Molson (MB) Building: De Maisonneuve entrance and ground floor elevators
  • Visual Arts (VA) Building: René-Levesque Boulevard entrance

Loyola Campus:

  • Administrative Building (AD): main entrance
  • Applied Science Hub (HU): main entrace
  • Communication Studies and Journalism (CJ) Building: main and Quad entrances
  • Genomics Building (GE): main door
  • Hingston Hall (HB): main entrance
  • Jesuit Residence (JR): main entrance
  • Perform Centre (PC): Sherbrooke Street entrance
  • Recreation and Athletics Complex (RA): main and parking lot entrances
  • Richard J. Renaud Science Complex (SP Building): main doors, security desk and GE hallway  
  • Vanier Library (VL): main and side entrances, see hours

Visitor access

For Concordia, a visitor is someone who comes to campus on an occasional basis but is not paid or under contract with the university. Examples include audience members, visiting professors, government inspectors or camera crews.

  • Before your visitor comes to campus, you must send them the COVID-19 Campus Access Directives for Visitors (EHS Form 218) and ensure that they understand the safety directive and their obligations.
  • You are responsible for your visitor at all times while they are on campus. Visitors may NOT circulate freely throughout university buildings.

Third-party contractor access

A procedure has been put in place to ensure that any third-party contractor coming to complete work on university property does not present a risk to the health and safety of the university community and is aware of the preventive measures put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you require a third-party contractor to come onto university property to work, you must complete the following steps at least five working days before their arrival:

1. Verify if the contractor is on the list. You can confirm this information using EHS Form 224.

2. If the contractor is not on the list, have their manager complete and sign EHS Form 217 (Working At Concordia University - COVID-19 Procedure for external stakeholders). Concordia recommends filling out the form with your information as a university contact (UC) before sending it to the contractor's manager.

3. Send the completed form to Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) by email to

4. An EHS safety advisor will review the signed form.

5. If approved, the contractor will be added to the authorized list and they will have access to the university. To avoid any access refusals, you must wait for confirmation before planning the contractor's visit.

If you have questions that are not addressed by the FAQs, please write to

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