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Freeman Lewin

Bachelor of Arts, 2014
Honours Judaic Studies

Concordia taught me personal responsibility and it gave me a great foundation

Freeman Lewin attributes his success to his alma mater.

From honing his writing skills to developing expertise in business and governance, Concordia provided a Lewin with multiple career pathways. After graduating from Concordia, Lewin travelled to Israel to further his studies of Jewish culture.

After graduating from the Judaic Studies program at Concordia, Freeman Lewin, BA 14, learned that his success came not only from knowledge gained in the classroom, but from skills he honed throughout his university journey: entrepreneurship, business savvy and judicial know-how. We recently spoke to Lewin about his experience in the program and how he paved a career in law and real estate development in the Big Apple.

Why did you choose Judaic Studies as your major?

I was interested in how particular societies and movements function at a micro level. The Jewish Studies program allows you to take an anthropological and sociological dive into a historically complex society, which has impacted the development of society as a whole in fascinating ways.

I also did an elective concentration in business management because I was interested in the entrepreneurial and business side of my education as well.

What was the best part of the program?

The best part of studying in the Department of Religions and Cultures in general was the small class sizes. Most of the courses, especially at the higher levels, centered on roundtable discussions.

Any other highlights from your time at Concordia?

The online component was a highlight for me. I was heavily involved in taking courses through eConcordia. The distance learning allowed me to travel on my own and do some of my higher-level classes remotely.

I was also involved in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ Judicial Board and Council. I ended up deciding to go to law school after this experience of working with the council, so it really set me on that path.

How did your Concordia experience lead to your current position?

After graduation, I went on to Israel for six months to continue my studies. I later worked in the private equity sector where I developed my entrepreneurial passion. Afterwards, I decided to go to Cardozo School of Law in New York, where I specialized in computer technologies and internet law in an effort to understand the legal complexities surrounding emerging technologies.

I now work as counsel at a real estate investment company called Onyx Equities. Concordia taught me personal responsibility and it gave me a great foundation in writing skills as well that I utilize frequently.

What advice would you give current and future students?

Have a wide variety of interests and connect with your professors. Go to office hours and keep in touch with them after graduation. They could be valuable resources to you later on.

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