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Dougy Hérard

Bachelor in Fine Arts 19
Major in Intermedia
Minor in Game Design

When creative inspiration comes from classmates and the city around you

Dougy Herard found his classmates in the Studio Arts department inspiring, but also supportive.

Studio Arts is very action-based, you’re always creating

Why did you choose Concordia?

I knew that Concordia’s Fine Arts program is one of the best and the student life stood out. I visited campus before starting university, and just liked the general vibe of the place.

How would you describe it?

You're right at the centre of downtown so there's always a lot happening around you. The University itself offers so many kinds of places to discover new things. I don't know any other school that has a library with a Technology Sandbox where you can learn and create at the same time.

What was your experience of student life in your program?

Studio Arts is very action-based, you're constantly creating. My program was pretty small and people are doing really interesting work, including as DJ's and VJ's and other kinds of visual artists. We had some pretty interesting art exhibitions as a group.

In most classes, we present and then talk critically about the work and the ideas. People are really welcoming in that they'll try their best to bring you criticism which is helpful to you and not judgmental.

The professors all have different backgrounds, so what is really cool is that you can learn a lot depending on your interests. Each of the teachers can really bring you a different set of expertise.


What makes Montreal a good place for students?

It's a pretty cheap place from an international point of view and there's a lot going on. There's no weeks where nothing happens.

Art Souterrain, Chromatique, so many different festivals that are completely different. Some are focused on film, some are focused on robots . . . the constant new supply of media is inspiring.

What are your plans now that you’ve got your BFA?

I’m doing freelance work with the aim of landing a job as a creative director within the next ten years.

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