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Alexandre Famery

Pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce
Major in Business Technology Management

‘As someone who enjoys technology and optimizing systems, the program feels like it was meant for me’

What is the best aspect of your program?

The best aspect of the Business Technology Management (BTM) program is that it touches on a lot of different career path possibilities, including consulting, cybersecurity, database management, or any career involving an IT component, which might as well be every business now.

Enrolling in the John Molson School of Business’ BTM program is the best decision I could have made for my career. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from programming databases to project management, from analyzing systems to implementing solutions for those systems. In courses like BTM 481 (Information Systems Analysis), I met with real clients, analyzed their systems with a team of students and offered free consulting services to the business. As someone who enjoys technology and optimizing systems, the program feels like it was meant for me.

Another aspect that has impacted my studies is the importance of teamwork and working together to accomplish goals. This is especially the case in the program’s Project Management and Information Systems Analysis courses.

Are you part of a student association?

I am currently the Co-President of the John Molson Supply Chain and Business Technology Association (JSBA). I was previously the Vice-President of Operations and the First-Year Representative for the association.

Alexandre Famery

What are the advantages of being an association member?

The advantages are numerous, but to name a few: being part of a team of motivated individuals and giving back to students within John Molson.

Being part of an association also gives you a new perspective on your career choices and studies and offers you the opportunity to network with some truly amazing people.

Alexandre Famery

What’s the John Molson culture like?

The culture here is one of inclusivity, competition and fun! I was never one to spend much time at school and would often go home after classes. John Molson changed that for me and gave me the chance to meet some passionate people who are now some of my closest friends. I believe that if you need help in any course, fellow students and professors are happy to help you.

What is it like living and studying in Montreal?

It’s a great place to study! Public transportation is easy and accessible, and there are countless restaurants, bars and activities to do in and around the city while taking a break from your studies.

Do you have any tips for new students?

Look out for ways to get involved! Apply to an association, or simply attend the events hosted by John Molson committees. There’s almost always something happening. Another tip is to look into all the different resources offered; you’ll want to take full advantage of them during your studies.

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