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Student profile

Ziqian Liu

Ziqian Liu (刘梓谦) is an artist and an MA student in Film Studies at Concordia University. He graduated magna cum laude in 2019 for a BS in Film and Television at Boston University with Minors in Music and Visual Arts. Ziqian has predominantly worked in the sound department for a variety of student short films undertaking the roles of sound mixer, designer, and composer. His past studies include film sound design, religious imagery and Christ figure in Christian films, Scandinavian cinema, French music and cinema, among others.

Film Studies Graduate Award (May 2021)

Supervisor: TBA

Thesis Title: TBA

Research Interests:

  • film sound and music studies (sound design and electroacoustic music), 
  • film technology
  • video installation
  • experimental cinema and art films
  • French cinema and film theory (impressionist cinema, surrealist cinema, la nouvelle vague, cinéma vérité, auteur theory)
  • Canadian cinema.


FMST 214 A - First Peoples' Cinema (Winter 2020) Instructor: Nicolas Renaud

FMST 220 A - Film Analysis (Fall 2021) Instructor: John Locke

Selected publications:

"Tactics to Redress Algorithmic Bias," final project of Internet and Video Graphic Research at Concordia University, November 2020 (published on the GEM Lab Website)



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