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Katrina Jones

Katrina Jones is a second year Film Studies graduate student at Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. Katrina holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Contemporary Studies and Creative Writing from The University of King’s College and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During her undergrad, Katrina wrote her undergraduate thesis on portrayals of robotics in anime. 

During her graduate work her focus on technology in anime expanded to include other research projects on dating simulators, gender in children's animation and an independent study on fighting women and sexuality in Studio Trigger's Kill la Kill.

An interdisciplinary artist, Katrina has her short stories and poetry published in Longcon Magazine, Neartown Zine as well as Salt&Citrus. She also produced and directed multiple theatre productions with the King’s Theatrical Society as well as volunteered as a lighting designer and technician. 

Katrina utilizes her interdisciplinary background as a writer, artist, and theatre artist as well as her background in critical theory to approach her research. 

Supervisor: TBA

Thesis Title: TBA

Research Interests:

  • animation
  • gender and sexuality in animation
  • Internet platforms
  • anime
  • fan studies
  • sound theory
  • game studies


FMST 218 - History of Animation (winter 2021)

FMST 391 - Sexual Representation in Cinema (fall 2021) 


Instagram: @katjon_es

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