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Dennis Sun

Dennis Sun is a film scholar and an MA student in Film Studies at Concordia University starting in Fall 2021. He graduated summa cum laude in May 2021 with a BA in Film and Media Studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato. His past studies include film genre, film history, film theory, film performance analysis, American Independent Cinema, Topics in Film Studies Horror genre, Global LGBTQ cinema, American 90s Cinema, and International Cinema, among others. Besides watching movies and TV shows, Dennis also enjoys swimming, biking, jogging, and playing badminton. His future career goals are to become a film professor, film critic, screenwriter, and film director. After finishing the MA program, Dennis also wishes to pursue the Ph.D. program in film studies.

Supervisor: TBA

Thesis Title: TBA

Research Interests:

Contemporary Cinematic Performance
Cinema of Christopher Nolan
21st Century Mainstream Hollywood Cinema
Contemporary Hollywood Star System
Film Auteurism
Film Criticism
Film Genres
Film Aesthetics


FMST 205-Approaches to Film Studies II (Winter 2022)




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