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Student profile

D.J. Fraser

D.J. Fraser is a writer, poet, and graduate of the University of British Columbia (B.A.), and the University of Victoria (M.A.), and a third-year doctoral student at Concordia University’s Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Art History. Past publications include academic, poetic, non- and fictional work. They enjoy activism and queer ideas of fun at the intersections of artistic and gender non-conforming communities.

As an instructor and a person, anti-oppressive scholarship and an invigoration of liminal queer sensibilities and marginalized voices is paramount in their work. Currently investigating such mythical queer figures as ghosts, unicorns and other specters in the archive and its performance capabilities, D.J. believes that queer possibilities in artistic expression and art history are endless, and is pursuing such trajectories in their work.

Thesis Title: Performance in the Electronic Media and Film Memory Archive: Practices of Archival Care and Recuperation at the New York State Council on the Arts

Supervisor: Dr. Anne Whitelaw

Research Interests:

  • Queer Archives
  • Video and Film Art
  • Electronic Media and Marginalized Voices

Teaching – Undergraduate Courses:

  • ARTH 392 Gender Issues in Art & Art History: Gender and Performance(s)


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