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Luciano dos Reis Frizzera

Thesis supervisor: Fenwick Mckelvey
Thesis title: Inhuman Mediation: sensors, algorithms, and the rise of impersonal subjectivation

Luciano is an experienced graphic designer and web developer having produced a number of interactive interfaces and digital platforms for data collection and visualization, semantic text editors, games, and websites.  Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Communication Studies at Concordia University. His academic background is in Media Studies and Digital Humanities, and my research explores the political and social implications of digital sensors, datafication, and hyper-nudges to understand how algorithmic mediation is mobilized to produce subjects and reorganize life.

Selected Refereed Journal Articles:

  1. Reis, R., Zanetti, D., & Frizzera, L. (2020). A conveniência dos algoritmos. Compolítica, 10(1), 35–58.
  2. Durocher, M., Thulin, S., Salles, J., & Frizzera, L. (2019). Step, step, rest, step: Challenging age-related norms and biometric bodies through self-tracking data-rematerialization. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 1–18.
  3. Reis, R., Zanetti, D., Frizzera, L. (2019). Algorithms and Disinformation: The role of YouTube in the Brazilian politics. Proceedings in Congresso da Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores em Comunicação e Política.
  4. Frizzera, L. (2018). I/O: Reinforcing Newsmaking Practices Through Algorithmic Media. Stream: Inspiring Critical Thought, 10(1), 39–51.
  5. Frizzera, L. (2015). Mobile Media as New Forms of Spatialization. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 40(1), 29–43.
  6. Frizzera, L., Radzikowska, M., Roeder, G., Pena, E., Dobson, T., Rockwell, G., Ruecker, S. The INKE Research Group. (2013). Visual Workflow Interfaces for Editorial Processes. Literary and Linguistic Computing, 28(3), 26. DOI:10.1093/llc/fqt053

MA Thesis:

  • Frizzera, L. (2014). Mobile Media: New Mediations in the Urban Space (MA Thesis). University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Book Chapter:

  • Frizzera, L., & Zanandrea, A. (2005). Os primórdios da Imprensa no Espírito Santo. In Impressões Capixabas: 165 anos de jornalismo no Espírito Santo (1st ed., pp. 35–65). Vitória: Departamento de Imprensa Oficial do Espírito Santo.

Selected Refereed Conference Presentations:

1.  Salles, J., Frizzera, L. (2021). On Chance : l’utilisation d’agents conversationnels pour la vulgarisation scientifique. Colloque 544 - Les agents conversationnels (chatbots) en éducation : où en sommes-nous? , 88e Congrès de l'Acfas, 4 au 5 mai 2021, Virtual.

2. Frizzera, L., Cselinacz, M., Ilovan, M., Ensslin, A., & Rockwell, G. (2020). Knowing Ourselves: Building an Interactive Researcher Map at the University of Alberta. CSDH, London, Canada.

3. Frizzera, L., McKelvey, F. (2019) The Political Narrative of YouTube Recommendation System: 2018 Ontario election. Canadian Communication Association (CCA). Vancouver, Canada.

4. Frizzera, L., Zamboni, J., Salles, J. (2019) PICT.IO: Developing a Collaborative Game for Humans and Machines. Canadian Games Studies Association (CGSA). Vancouver, Canada.

5. Salles, J., Frizzera, L. (2019) Loto-doc: Exploring chatbot in interactive documentary. International Communication Association (ICA) Pre-Conference on Human-Machine Communication. Washington, USA.

6. Reis, R., Zanetti, D., Frizzera, L. (2019) Algorithms and Disinformation: The role of YouTube in the Brazilian politics. Congresso da Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores em Comunicação e Política. Brasilia, Brazil.

7. Frizzera, L. (2017). I/O: Enforcing Idealized Newsmaking Practices Through Algorithms. Presented at the CCA, Toronto, Canada.

8. Frizzera, L. (2016). Accelerating Sharing Economy: Uber’s Dysfunctional Discourse of Technological Disruption. Presented at the CCA - Canadian Communication Association, Calgary, Canada.

9. Frizzera, L. (2014). Decoding Location-Based Information: Mobile Media Approach. In Experimental Interfaces for Reading 2.0. Chicago, USA: INKE

10. Frizzera, L., Vela, S., Sondheim, D., Michura, P., Ilovan, M., Rockwell, G., Ruecker, S., & INKE TEAM. (2013). Designing for Multitouch Surfaces as Social Reading Environments. Presented in the panel "The Design of New Knowledge Environments” at the Digital Humanities 2013, Lincoln, USA: DH.

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