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Eileen Mary Holowka

Thesis supervisor: Dr. Sandra Gabriele
Thesis title: Mediating Endometriosis

Eileen Mary Holowka (she/they) is a writer and PhD candidate currently studying the intersections of social media and chronic illness, specifically endometriosis. She has worked in game design and literary publishing, and is one of the editors of the upcoming CV2 issue Sick Poetics. She published a digital narrative, circuits, in 2018, which can be played for free online:



  • Multiple Authors. “For Whom the Games Toll: A Qualitative and Intergenerational Evaluation of What is Serious in Games for Older Adults.” The Computer Games Journal, 2020.
  • "The Post and the Grab: Instagram Memes and Affective Labour.” Youth Mediations and Affective Relations. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018
  • “Between Artifice and Emotion: The ‘Sad Girls’ of Instagram.” Leadership, Popular Culture, and Social Change. Edward Elgar, 2018

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