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Info sessions & orientation

Student Groups at 4th Space

Date & time
Monday, August 22, 2022 –
Friday, August 26, 2022
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

This event is free



J.W. McConnell Building
1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.

Wheel chair accessible


Copyright/Credit: Concordia University, photo by Lisa Graves, MDES Residency 2022 at 4th Space

4th Space and Orientation at Concordia welcome new and returning students to drop in and check out some of Concordia University's student groups.

Monday, August 22  
11am - 12pm  The Link Newspaper
12pm - 1pm  The Socialist Fightback | The Co-op Bookstore 
5pm - 6pm CSCE (Concordia Society for Civil Engineering) | SCS (Software Engineering and Computer Science Society) 
Tuesday, August 23  
10am - 11am The Link Newspaper | JMAS (John Molson Accounting Society)
11am - 12pm JMAS (John Molson Accounting Society) | CEED CU (Community, Empowerment, Education, Development)
12pm - 1pm  The Socialist Fightback
3pm - 5pm  JSEC (John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee) 
5pm - 6pm CEED CU (Community, Empowerment, Education, Development)
Wednesday, August 24  
5pm - 6pm SCS (Software Engineering and Computer Science Society) 
Thursday, August 25  
10am - 11am  CEED (Community, Empowerment, Education, Development)
1pm - 3pm JSEC (John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee) | The Co-op Bookstore
3pm - 5pm  Formula SAE | Baja SAE 
5pm - 6pm  IEAC CU (International and Ethnic Association Council)
Friday, August 26  
10am - 12pm GSA (Graduate Students Association) | Sustainable CU 
12pm - 3pm BPO (Black Perspectives Office) | AIESEC
3pm - 5:30pm Center for Gender Advocacy


How can you participate? Attend in person.   

Have questions? Send them to  

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