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Bridging Science and Journalism - where do we begin?

Date & time
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Sylvie Ouellette, David Secko


This event is free





With the proliferation of social media, multiple news platforms and other outlets, quality scientific journalism is at times struggling to get heard above the mass of information of all sorts currently being produced from many (and at times dubious) sources. This problem has been greatly exacerbated in the past year. Is science getting too vast and are media platforms too diversified for anyone to properly link them? Are competent scientific journalists being diluted out by Joe Nobody who abuses social media to drive their point across? If so, how do we remedy that? Moreover, how do we ensure that scientific discoveries and breakthroughs are not ‘’over-pushed’’ for the sake of sensationalism, especially when preliminary?

Join Public Scholar Sylvie Ouellette (B.A. Journalism, 95 and PhD candidate, Chemistry/Biochemistry) and David Secko (PhD, Chair and Professor, Journalism) as they embark on a discussion on how researchers can best serve the media, and vice-versa. Amélie Daoust-Boisvert will moderate the conversation.

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