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A brighter future for all: Launch of the Concordia Sustainability Action Plan

Tuesday, November 3, 2020
1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Graham Carr, Anne Whitelaw, Paula Wood-Adams, Michael Di Grappa, Roger Côté


This event is free





Concordians Shuffle for the Climate

This Fall, Concordia launches its first-ever Sustainability Action Plan. The five-year Plan was developed over a period of two years with the participation of students, faculty, and staff, and represents an ambitious new vision for sustainability at Concordia. Through its five stream topics of Food, Waste, Climate Change, Research, and Curriculum, the plan will contribute significantly to Concordia’s newly-committed efforts to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The plan is available for the community not just to read, but to participate in! This launch event is for members of our community to learn more about the Plan, the development process, and how to get involved.

The Sustainability Action Plan is an ambitious, living document. I believe our community’s commitment to its goals will allow Concordia to contribute in a dynamic and purposeful way to achieving a brighter future for all.
- Graham Carr, Concordia President and Vice-Chancellor

How can you participate? Register for the Zoom webinar or watch live on our Facebook. 

Have questions? Send them to


1- Opening remarks from each of our speakers

2- A presentation of the Sustainability Action Plan

3- A moderated Q&A period with panelists who served on the plan drafting committees


Graham Carr, University President

Anne Whitelaw, Provost

Paula Wood-Adams, VP Research & Graduate Studies

Roger Côté, outgoing VP Services

Michael Di Grappa, incoming VP Services & Sustainability

Cassandra Lamontagne, Sustainability Coordinator (Presenter)

Mark Underwood, Facilitator, The Sexual Assault Resource Centre (Moderator)


Q&A Panelists

Claudette Torbey, Administrator Food Services, Sustainability & Quality, Hospitality Concordia

Faisal Shennib, Environmental Specialist, Facilities Management

Amr Addas, Adjunct Professor, Department of Finance; Faculty, John Molson Executive Centre (JMEC)

Pedro Peres-Neto, Professor, Biology

Sandra Gabriele, Vice-Provost, Innovation in Teaching & Learning; Associate Professor, Communication Studies

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