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Diploma in WordPress and JavaScript


This diploma will focus on advanced website creation concepts: managing content and creating rich internet applications. You will learn how WordPress is not only used as a content management tool to easily update text and images, but also how it allows website owners to monetize traffic. JavaScript and jQuery will be introduced to allow page authors to create dynamic content, validate form data, and engage visitors.


Your takeaways

This program is a great way to help you:

  • Learn how to set up and deploy a WordPress site, how to apply and customize themes, tag posts, install plug-ins, display photo galleries and much more;
  • Validate form-data;
  • Create simple animations and update page elements;
  • Understand GUI widgets, dynamic web page creation;
  • Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and JQuery.

Program courses

To obtain this diploma, students must complete the four courses below. For course descriptions, schedules and registration, click on the links of each course.

Our approach

In this program, you'll delve into the world of Java, led by industry experts who'll guide you through active-learning assignments and projects while encouraging you to get enthusiastically involved in class discussions. You should expect to be very hands-on.

Who benefits most?

  • Anyone who wants or needs to learn the fundamentals of programming.
  • Graduate students who need develop software as part of their course work or thesis.
  • Students in any university program who wish to acquire practical and hands-on skills in programming.
  • Web Designers, UX Designers and Quality Assurance Specialists who want to better understand the software development process.
  • Developers currently working in another programming language who want to learn Java in an instructor-led environment.
  • Developers who want to expand their knowledge of Java in an instructor-led environment.
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