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Diploma in Website Creation and Design


Nowadays, everybody's got a website, from ad agencies to zebra wranglers and everyone in between. But who designs them? Maybe you! Complete this program and you could be one of the gurus that people turn to when they want the slickest, most responsive, most wickedly designed site there is. 

  • Learn how to master WordPress. 
  • Code in HTML, CSS and jQuery. 
  • Create interfaces so your sites work across multiple platforms. 

And you'll love every minute of it. 

Your takeaways

This program is a great way to help you:

  • Build beautiful, accessible websites that people of almost any ability can manage;
  • Use HTML and CSS to design more responsive, interactive websites;
  • Add images and tags to create a more interesting user experience;
  • Keep WordPress sites secure using best practices and plug-ins;
  • Work with basic jQuery;
  • Create interface designs for desktop and mobile platforms;
  • Gain greater understanding of graphic design for the web;
  • Optimize images for insertion into web pages.

Program courses

To obtain this diploma, students must complete the seven courses below. For course descriptions, schedules and registration, click on the links of each course.

Our approach

In this program, you'll gain real-world skills and best practices from seasoned industry experts. Better still, you'll learn through hands-on projects using the most powerful equipment and the very latest software. No online tutorial even comes close to this type of education.

Who benefits most?

  • Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of web page creation.
  • Students who want to work in advertising, animation, graphic design, illustration, printmaking, page layout and digital publication.
  • Anyone interested in updating their professional portfolio with the latest design trends.
  • Students following an academic path in web design.
  • Employees in marketing, communications or sales who want to refresh their skills or open new horizons.
  • Small business owners or association members who manage their own communications.
  • Exhibition designers, fine artists, interior designers, landscape architects, multimedia specialists, photographers and UX designers could also greatly benefit from courses in this program.
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