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Student learning support

Important note: For the foreseeable future, the Intensive English Language Program will be delivered exclusively online (asynchronous and synchronous learning). Minimum requirements to take the course are a computer, functioning webcam, access to wifi or a data plan, and microphone. For more inquiries, please contact us.


Our goal is to provide students with the best learning experience possible. Our helpful office staff will assist you with your registration process and any questions you may have about life in Montreal. Our experienced teachers will help you learn English in a supportive and collaborative learning environment. We use a blended approach, incorporating new technologies such as Concordia's course management system (Moodle) and various online activities. We also support student learning by offering an after-school Learning Lab, where students can attend targeted-workshops and receive tutoring with our teachers.

After school study program in our Learning Lab

  • Monday to Thursday after class from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., you can visit our Learning Lab, a tutorial service, to do extra work or catch up on what you missed. 
  • Come alone or with classmates to study in a computer lab or in one of our classrooms.  
  • We offer targeted-workshops to help you develop skills and review concepts from class. 
  • We have a complete library of websites and online resources where you can practice your grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing skills. 
  • A teacher is waiting for you, and will be able to guide you to whatever specific help you need at your level and answer any questions you have and help you with your work.

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MyConcordia portal

In addition to your course materials and class time, your teachers will communicate with you on a Moodle course site on the internet. Class assignments, discussion forums, podcasts, useful links to other learning materials are some of the things you will find on your course Moodle.

You can also manage your course schedule, get your grades and tuition statements, and communicate with classmates and teachers through MyConcordia.


The Intensive English Language Program uses varied technologies to enhance learning. Our classrooms are all equipped with computer technology for listening to audio programs and watching videos. We have sets of iPads that students use in class for small-group activities. Our technology consultant provides learning support in educational technologies. He helps students and teachers with our course management system, Moodle, which gives users the ability to create personalized learning environments. He also manages all the content on our iPads so that students can watch videos in class, listen to course material, and use educational apps. Lastly, he provides multimedia support so that students have access to high-quality audio, video, and computer-based technologies.

Some class activities take place in our computer labs, such as writing compositions, doing research and using internet resources for learning. And Study Hall is held in our computer labs every day after school for students to do their homework and get extra skills practice.  

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