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Program details

Important note: For the foreseeable future, the Intensive English Language Program will be delivered exclusively online (asynchronous and synchronous learning). Minimum requirements to take the course are a computer, functioning webcam, access to wifi or a data plan, and microphone. For more inquiries, please contact us.

Intensive daytime program details- 260 course hours per level

  • Live Sessions (15 hours per week) = Monday to Friday 9 - 12:00 EST      SYNCHRONOUS
  • Individual working sessions (11 hours per week) = Flexible Time            ASYNCHRONOUS 

**This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program which requires you to provide your own laptop to conduct course work.

  • The Intensive program (6 levels) is primarily designed to prepare students to enter English language universities or colleges and to offer language training to professionals or business people who require a high level of competency in English. 
  • Individuals looking for English for travel, social or other personal reasons will also find this a stimulating and engaging program. In this integrated-skills program, students will practice and develop skills by participating in a variety of learning activities including discussions, oral presentations and debates as well as audio and video listening activities. Students will also learn strategies for reading academic and non-academic texts, and for writing compositions, reports and essays.
  • A variety of activities, learning support resources and new technologies are an integral part of the Intensive Program. Community-based projects and outings give students additional opportunities to practice their English skills outside of the classroom. 
  • Learning support is also provided through after-school study programs in our Computer Labs and Study Hall, where students can work on their assignments, get extra individualized help with one of our instructors or work in study groups. 
  • Social activities and field trips are organized each session for students to enjoy the culture and four seasons of Canada.
  • Ten-week sessions offered in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer
  • 26 hours per week of English instruction
  • Classes at 6 different levels, from elementary to advanced
  • Placement test required; placement testing takes place one week prior to the start date of your course
  • Students must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enrol in our program.
  • Tuition fees include testing and placement.
  • To apply, you must complete the online application. A non-refundable deposit of $625, which is applied to the tuition fee, must accompany the application. Students will receive confirmation that they have been accepted to the program by e-mail.
  • The remaining tuition fees must be paid no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement of classes in order to guarantee a student’s place in the program.  

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