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Mission and values statements

Important note: For the foreseeable future, the Intensive English Language Program will be delivered exclusively online (asynchronous and synchronous learning). Minimum requirements to take the course are a computer, functioning webcam, access to wifi or a data plan, and microphone. For more inquiries, please contact us.

Mission statement

The mission of the Continuing Education Language Institute Intensive English Language Program is to provide outstanding instruction in English as a Second Language and English for Academic Purposes to international and local students, professionals and other non-native speakers of English in a full-time intensive learning environment. We are committed to excellence in English language teaching and learning through our expertly designed curriculum and materials and. The Intensive English Language Program prepares students for the world through stimulating course content, active learning and connections to the community. We are committed to fostering student engagement and creating an outstanding student experience. We embrace diversity and strive to honour the individual academic and professional goals, as well as the social and emotional needs of students.

Values statement

Excellence in Teaching and Learning
We strive towards the highest quality in teaching and learning and believe that excellence is achieved through ongoing, collective dedication to program and curricular development, reflective practice and professional development. The philosophical and pedagogical principles on which the program is built include the integration of language skills, a task-based, communicative approach, cooperative learning and skills and strategies development.

Preparing Students for the World
We believe in the power of education and transformative learning to prepare students for a role in society as critical thinkers and active participants.  We value community engagement, social responsibility, and critical engagement.

Supporting an Outstanding Student Experience
We are committed to providing an outstanding student experience both within and outside of the classroom through first-rate facilities, student services, student learning support and cultural experiences, as well as innovative technologies. We acknowledge the importance of student integration into the community and recognize our responsibility to foster this integration and to provide a hospitable and welcoming environment.

Embracing Collaborative Practice
We believe in the power of the collective to build a community of practice and a community of learning. We value the expertise & dedication of our highly qualified instructors, and that of colleagues and fellow professionals in the field, sharing best practices with one another in an environment of mutual respect. We foster a culture of collaboration among students through a dedication to our interactive, task-based methodology, which enables us to respond to individual needs in a supportive environment.

Celebrating Diversity
We believe that diversity should not only be respected, but celebrated as a means of enriching the educational experience. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and regions, and integrate rich cultural content into our program.

Serving our Communities 
We are committed to serving the various individuals and communities that seek the educational services of the IELP. We seek their counsel and input in an effort to respond to student needs in a proactive manner.

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