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Meet our students

Important note: The Intensive English Language Program will be a combination of in-person and remote learning for the academic calendar of 2021-2022.

Minimum requirements to take the course are a computer, functioning webcam, access to wifi or a data plan, and microphone. For more inquiries, please contact us.

The Intensive English Language Program is dedicated to helping every student learn. Hear what some of our students who have graduated from the program have to say!

Quang Tran, Vietnam

Quang Tran

When I first joined the intensive English program in the Continuing Education of Concordia, I had told myself hundreds times something like "My English is good enough" or "I'm ready to go to the university." But, after a while, I realized that knowing a language quite well doesn't always guarantee that I can do well in the university environment.

Through the courses, I had been taught so many academic skills such as presenting, writing research paper, group working and high-speed reading. In addition, I was exposed to variety of topics as well as highly academic materials. As a result, I now feel so comfortable confronting with university-like materials (such as text books or scholarly studies). The intensive English course help me recognized that the world we are living in have many problems that are needed to solved.

Besides that, the course also allowed me to see that there are many interesting things to think of. I believe that the Intensive English program did not only bring me a step higher in my English level but also gave me many professional academic skills which can be a huge advantage for my life and my future career.

NingXin Yan, China

NingXin Yan

Hi, I’m Ningxin Yan, from China. I just graduated from the Intensive English program. I’m glad I have been a part of this program. As for the motivation for studying this program, it is simple, because I got the conditional offer, which indicated that I need to complete this program first and then could get the admission of the university.

There are many things I like about the Intensive English program, especially the teachers I’ve met all are nice and patient, full of knowledge as well. Every time when I meet difficulties, my teachers are all happy to help me solve them successfully, not only academic problems, they also care about my life in this foreign country. Honestly speaking, I never do the presentation before, but I’ve gained this skill since I came here with teachers’ guidance. Due to my major in the university is finance, there are many opportunities that required the presentation skills. As far as I am concerned, I’m confident to make use of this skill in the future.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the teachers who have taught me in the Intensive English program, and strongly recommend the students who have the intension to improve their English experience, to join the Intensive English program of Concordia university.

Wish you have the great journey of learning English.

Lamine Abdou Seyni, Niger

Lamine Abdou Seyni

My motivation for studying in the CCE Intensive English Program was to improve my English in order to communicate and to have a good background to start my Master’s Degree in Accounting.

I really appreciate the diversity of subject that we are learning about and the discussion permits me to improve my speaking skills and my learning. All subjects we have studied were interesting and I picked up a lot of vocabulary.

I want to use the (English) skills I have learned in my accounting program, and I will speak and discuss easily in business meetings and I can easily have a job in a multinational company.

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