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Architecture of High-Performing Systems

In this course, you’ll learn how to design security architecture tailored specifically to a particular organization. This entails identifying the organization’s main risk factors and taking the appropriate security measures to most effectively manage those risks.

First, you’ll do a critical review and analysis of how security architecture frameworks benefit from a layered approach to ensure varied security control measures for the conceptual, logical, physical and component layers.

In terms of specific content, you’ll learn and master the following operations.

Development of Security Architecture

Developing and implementing strong, reliable and long-lasting security architecture tailored to the specifics of each organization helps guard against all manner of ongoing and future cyberattacks and data theft.

Critical Evaluation of an Organization’s Assets

Carrying out a precise critical analysis of an organization’s assets and the cyber threats they may pose helps inform the cybersecurity expert on how to implement and optimize measures for security needs, as well as controls and objectives for organizational resilience when a cyberattack occurs.

Implementation of Security Requirements

Implementation and maintenance of security requirements on an ongoing basis will protect the key assets of an organization and ensure the integrity of its data as well as the continuity of its activities.

Security Measures and Controls

Identifying and documenting security measures and controls is an essential strategy that helps mitigate the potential risks identified. It also ensures continuity and ongoing improvement to cybersecurity solutions.

At the end of this class, you will have completed the coursework portion of the program and you’ll be well equipped to move on to your internship. There, you’ll work in your field, in concert with experienced cybersecurity and cyber-resilience professionals, taking advantage of the invaluable opportunity to implement all the techniques, strategies, and cybersecurity knowledge you’ve gained and adapting them to a specific organization in a real-life setting.


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