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This program provides a unique opportunity to pursue studies in two highly relevant workplace areas in the field of cyber resilience: Prevention or Response. Upon completion of the core courses of 90 hours, students will select their pathways for an additional 90 hours in specialized courses. Do you have what it takes?

Your take-away

This program has two pathways: prevention and response


The prevention pathway will help you:

  • Acquire practical expertise in implementing Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to protect business assets against cyber-attacks;
  • Protect data and privacy within business and regulatory compliance requirements;
  • Design and build security architecture to provide in-depth security defense.


The response pathway will help you:

  • Respond to and mitigate advanced cyber threats and incidents;
  • Identify and analyze threat intelligence data to detect and anticipate cyber incidents and attacks;
  • Design and implement containment and remediation strategies to ensure business continuity.

Program Courses

To get this diploma, students must complete the 3 program courses and the 3 elective courses (depending on the pathway selected) listed below.  
*Click the blue links to get information about each course.


Elective Courses

Students who choose the prevention pathway will have to complete the following courses:

*Click the blue links to get information about each course.


Students who choose the response pathway will have to complete the following courses:

*Click the blue links to get information about each course.

Our approach

In this fully online program, you’ll benefit from problem-based, project- based and experiential learning led by industry experts. You’ll also experience hands-on learning through work-integrated learning opportunities to acquire practical, real-world skills and competencies.  And to cap it off, you’ll receive career mentoring. Ready to defend and attack?

Who benefits most?

  • IT professionals who want to transition into security roles within an organization;
  • Professionals in the cyber security field who want to upgrade their skills or transition into Prevention or Response;
  • Business, risk-management professionals and consultants seeking technical knowledge and know-how to work in cyber security;
  • Employees or students with the required pre-requisites who want to work in cyber security.

Important details


Students MUST APPLY to be accepted to the Cyber Resilience program.


Program pre-requisites

Students who wish to apply to this program must possess an intermediate level in:                                                    

  • Computer networks                                                                                  
  • Operating Systems
  • Linux and usage of the command-line                                                         
  • Coding / scripting


Performance task

All applicants will have to complete a technical performance task as well as an interview.


Mentorship (optional)

Students will receive 8 hours of career development mentoring from leaders in the Montreal ecosystem during their course of study.


Work-integrated learning (optional)

Upon successful completion of the coursework, students will complete 120 hours of work-integrated learning.

This program is offered over 3 sessions, from fall 2022 to spring 2023. Students MUST APPLY to be accepted to the Cyber Resilience program.

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