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Professional & Personal Coach Certification (PPCC)

2018-2019 Program Dates

The Professional and Personal Coach Certification (PPCC) program combines a strong grounding in the basics of coaching with ongoing experience-based supervision. Its unique features provide root knowledge and experience in the critical areas of coaching theory and practice. The PPCC program is divided into theory and competency development modules aligned with coaching standards recognized internationally by coach training institutes and by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Through these core learning modules and supervised practice, participants gain competence in the essential skills and models of coaching, as well as an international perspective of coaching applications in various sectors of work and society. 

PPCC is an ICF approved program. As such, it enables you to master the ICF's core competencies of coaching thereby equiping you to perform effectively as a professional and personal coach. Through program work and supervised practice, you will develop the requisite perspectives and skill sets to function effectively in coaching relationships. Practical coaching assignments will deepen your experiential foundation for working with future clients.

PPCC is the first module of the ICF-approved ACTP program. It qualifies participants for ACC-level accreditation from the ICF. PPCC is recognized by the ICF for 116 hours coach-specific training. (N.B. You may achieve the requirements for the ICF PCC-level of accreditation after graduation from the PPCC program by successfully completing the second module, Journey to Mastery.)

Enrollment is limited.


Jim Gavin Jim Gavin

Jim Gavin, PhD, ABPP, MCC, IMC is a certified master coach and licensed psychologist who has, over the past 40 years, coached hundreds of individuals and worked with senior management teams in the public and private sector. He focuses on the whole system in furthering both organizational change and conflict management processes.

Jim is a full professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, and co-designer of the internationally renowned Human Systems Intervention graduate program at Concordia. He is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) and Integral Master Coach® (ICC) who combines wit and wisdom in helping clients maximize their potential. His passion for the practice of Aikido and Iaido link magically with his academic knowledge in personal and organizational change and conflict management processes. His focus is on the whole person and the whole system in his coaching and consulting activities. Among his numerous publications, Jim's Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, 3nd Ed. (Human Kinetics, 2018) is a classic and comprehensive work.


Madeleine Mcbrearty Madeleine Mcbrearty

Madeleine Mcbrearty, PhD, PCC is a fully bilingual educator, coach, mentor, and consultant. Her focus is on leadership development, employee engagement and mobilization, team performance, career transition, and personal effectiveness. Her passion is to walk alongside those who seek to achieve professional and personal excellence.

In all she does, Madeleine brings an intentional focus on enhancing self-awareness, identifying strengths and leveraging resources to promote individual and workplace wellness. A core belief that guides her work is that people are more committed to what they help co-create. Her approach is to partner with clients to bring about positive change and achieve the goals they truly desire. As a consultant, her proven competencies are in designing and facilitating processes to improve individual and organizational effectiveness. Her extensive professional experience is rooted in her involvement with management teams in diverse organizations for over 30 years.

Madeleine teaches in the area of human relations (Department of Applied Human Sciences). In addition to her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation, she is also a certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach and a Certified Mentor Coach. She is co-author of Lifestyle Wellness Coaching (Human Kinetics, 2018), a landmark text in the field of professional coaching.

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