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Course Code: CEJN 116
Ever wanted to tap into that wellspring of creativity that bubbles beneath the surface? It's a refreshing, satisfying, enriching process, one that you can begin right here in this course. Creative Writing uses exercises that focus on your senses, character development, dialogue and object personification to help develop your own natural writing skills and progressively improve existing ones. There's a story inside you waiting to be told. This course just might help you give it the voice it deserves.

Your take-away

This course is a great way to help you:
• Develop and expand your creativity;
• Hone your unique approach to writing;
• Improve your ability to critique your own writing and that of others;
• Achieve focus and discipline with regard to deadlines and story completion;
• Develop a complete short story of your own.

Our approach

This is a writing class, so you'll be doing a lot of it. You'll also learn through interactive workshops, exercises, group discussions, periodic lectures and weekly assignments. Enthusiastic participation and effort are the keys to enjoyment and success in this course.

Who benefits the most?

• Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.
• Anyone considering a career as a writer.
• Writers who want to hone their skills.
• Anyone working in advertising, communications, marketing or sales who wants to add new flair to their communications.
• Foreign students who want to improve their written English.
• Retirees or busy executives who want to try something new to balance out their lives.
• Anyone with a story to tell.

Alumni discount

Concordia University Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni, based on the information maintained by the Office of the Registrar, are waived from paying registration and late registration fees when enrolling for courses at Concordia Continuing Education. In addition, Concordia University Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni will receive a 10% reduction on their tuition fees. The Alumni discount is automatically calculated when students enroll on-line.

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