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Course Code: CEFR 425
Me and my workplace.
If you're like many students, you need a job. But a job interview can be a challenge, especially if French isn't your langue maternelle. This class can make a big difference by helping you improve your ability to communicate in a variety of everyday situations. It will help you build the confidence you need to answer questions with ease. Topics of general interest, newspapers, magazines and short videos will be used to enrich your vocabulary and stimulate discussions. Completing this class will mean you're two thirds of the way to earning your certificate of proficiency. Ne lâchez pas!

Your take-away

This course is a great way to help you:
• Improve your ability to enumerate, describe and explain;
• Interact outside the classroom in more varied situations;
• Express yourself spontaneously, using more complex expressions;
• Read at a more relaxed, regular rhythm;
• Build your vocabulary related to the workplace, health, family, love, etc.;
• Prepare for a job interview.

Our approach

This program takes an integrative approach to language learning that is collaborative, experiential, student-centered and community-based. In short, you’ll learn by doing, sharing, exchanging and… living en francais.

Who benefits the most?

• Anyone who wants to improve their elementary-level French.
• Students moving on from CEFR 325.
• People trying to enter the job market or improve their employment opportunities.
• Anyone who wants to discover the French-Canadian culture.
• Students who want to work towards a Certificate of Proficiency in French.

Important details

A placement test will be given prior to registration to ensure you end up in the course that's right for you.
The program is offered 4 times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer)

Alumni discount

Concordia University Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni, based on the information maintained by the Office of the Registrar, are waived from paying registration and late registration fees when enrolling for courses at Concordia Continuing Education. In addition, Concordia University Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni will receive a 10% reduction on their tuition fees. The Alumni discount is automatically calculated when students enroll on-line.


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