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Course Code: CEEI 710
Relate and Debate.
You now have a strong foundation in listening, speaking, reading and writing. You're also quite comfortable with challenging topics and material. But you're not going to stop now, are you? Good, because it's time to get down to business. This course focuses on lively debates and persuasion through individual and panel presentations. You'll conduct interviews outside the classroom then present your findings in class. You'll study topics related to the workplace, education and community, refining the skills you'll need to function in a university or professional setting. The Advanced One Course will be a breakthrough in understanding the role English will play in your life and career. It's also the last step in your preparation for your last course and your certificate of competency.

Prerequisite courses


Your take-away

This course is a great way to help you:
• Develop critical listening skills and strategies in a real-world context;
• Speak with fluency and clarity on a variety of academic and professional topics;
• Construct sentences with correct word order, spelling and punctuation;
• Write short essays with well-developed, well-organized paragraphs;
• Gain confidence living and working in English;
• Broaden your academic, social and professional horizons;
• Have the intercultural experience of a lifetime;
• Work towards meeting the language-proficiency requirements to enter Concordia University.

Our approach

This program takes an integrative approach to language learning that is collaborative, experiential, student-centered and community-based. In short, you’ll learn by doing, sharing, exchanging and… living in English.

Who benefits the most?

• Advanced speakers who want to improve their English.
• Students who want to work towards their certificate of proficiency.
• Students who want to go on to university in North America.
• People trying to enter the job market or improve their employment opportunities.
• Anyone who wants to discover the English culture in Canada.

Important details

A placement test will be given prior to registration to ensure you end up in the course that's right for you.
The program is offered 4 times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer)

Concordia CCE Loyalty Discount

All students who meet at least one of the following conditions, will receive a 10% discount on their CCE course or workshop tuition fees:

1)   Have completed a CCE, Undergraduate or Graduate course at Concordia University in a prior academic term;

2)   Have completed a language proficiency test (IELTS) at CCE;

3)   Have completed a CCE Professional Development Seminar/Workshop.

This discount is based on the information maintained in the Concordia University student information system.

NOTE: This discount does not apply to a language proficiency test enrollment (IELTS) nor to application fees for admission to a CCE program of study.


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