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Fair Trade

Concordia became a Fair Trade Campus on August 30th, 2016...

What does it mean to be a Fair Trade Campus?

This status is granted by l’Association québécoise du commerce équitable, Fairtrade Canada and the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) to colleges and universities that prioritize availability and visibility of fair trade products, and promote fair trade values.

We are proud that all residence dining halls, non-franchised campus cafés and student-run cafés at Concordia offer:

What is the impact of being designated a Fair Trade Campus?

  • It is an effective way to formalize and to continue to build the University’s commitment to fair trade;
  • It involves increasing the scope and availability of fair trade products on campus;
  • It provides an opportunity to further awareness and to extend discussions on social sustainability.

Why do we need fair trade?

Fair trade's mission is to ensure decent working conditions, as well as fair terms of trade. In other words, fair trade contributes to the empowerment of rural populations around the world.

For more details on fair trade and its impact visit Fairtrade Canada’s website.

Where can I find fair trade products at Concordia?

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