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Our top sustainability commitments



Concordia University supports local, sustainable food procurement in order to preserve green space and farmland and strengthen our local economy. With that commitment in mind, we set ambitious targets regarding local and sustainable sourcing:

  • 75% of local fruits and vegetables in the summer months, 50% in the fall and 25% in the winter/spring seasons (with exception to citrus)
  • Reasonable efforts to purchase local frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Reasonable efforts to purchase soy-based products produced or processed locally
  • Free-run eggs only
  • Canadian dairy products only
  • Meat and poultry raised without cruelty
  • Poultry: 19% raised in Quebec and 6% organic
  • Pork: 74% grown in Quebec (with exception of processed pork products)
  • Beef: Canadian beef only and 19% grown in Quebec
  • Seafood: 94% certified sustainable seafood and No seafood that is on the red list of the Union for Conservation of Nature (UFCN) or any similar organization
  • 90% of coffee and tea has to be Fairtrade certified. Generic coffee will not be accepted in non-franchise outlets
  • Reasonable efforts to purchase organic products

Local Food Days. On Local Food Days, which are organized once a month in Concordia’s dining halls, a menu developed around a theme which showcases local products.

Concordia Food Services
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