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Week 4: Chef Cyruss Wülffgang Barreiro-Castañeda

Chef Cyruss Wülffgang Chef Cyruss Wülffgang

Chef Cyruss Wülffgang Barreiro-Castañeda is an “up and coming” Aramark Executive Chef with distinguishable honors to his impressive culinary journey. Amongst these accolades are his feature on the TV show “À la Table avec Anne-Marie Withenshaw” during his time as Executive Chef at the Brasserie Centrale, which was awarded a 5-star standing, in addition to the renowned “Menu Coup de Coeur” award by the Journal de Montréal. Since joining Aramark in 2017, Chef Cyruss’ exceptional culinary skills have earned him numerous Chef à l’action awards and he is regarded as an esteemed culinary reference by his peers.
Chef Cyruss’ cuisine is inspired by his Portuguese and Colombian culture and his extensive travels across the world. In addition, he is classically trained in Italian, Iberian and French cuisine.
When he is not in the kitchen concocting a new recipe, Chef Cyruss enjoys sports and travel. A 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, with over 25 years of competitive experience and travel, explains his rigour and his pride towards his profession.  Chef Cyruss is a meticulous, self-disciplined and inspirational team leader who is always at the forefront of culinary trends and techniques. Although he hopes to one day retire with his wife in the Italian region of Liguria, he is joining us today in our kitchen.

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