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Priorities to intensify the Concordia research that tackles big questions


Through our proposed Health Institute, we will harness the expertise of more than 150 faculty members, including 27 research chairs in health related areas. Their work spans addiction, creative arts therapies, exercise science, aging, child obesity, sleep, nutrition, clinical psychology and revolutionary medical imaging.

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Among the first in Canada to specialize in cybersecurity, Concordia and its researchers have drawn clients that include Hydro-Québec, the FBI and the RCMP. In our increasingly digital and networked world, we’re anticipating tomorrow’s threats through a state-of-the-art Centre for Cybersecurity.

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Home to Canada’s flagship Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology, Concordia is leading an emerging field that deals with everything from global food security to the production of lifesaving medications. To drive breakthroughs in this arena and prepare its next generation of leaders, we’re intent on growing the Centre’s activities. 

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The future is urban and we’re intent on exploring this reality from all perspectives. The leader of Canada’s biggest research network in smart net-zero energy buildings, Concordia is also home to ingenuity across the arts and social sciences focused on the health of citizens and our planet. A new Institute for the Urban and Built Environment aims to mix engineering and social challenges.

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The world is generating major amounts of data and the complexities of handling it are growing. To further our contribution to what will be one of the defining disciplines of the 21st century, we’re creating a Big Data Analytics Hub. Our interdisciplinary approach will examine big data far beyond a purely computational challenge. 

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As the pace and scale of innovation accelerate, how do we ensure that technological progress leads to a more sustainable, inclusive and caring society? Concordia’s Milieux Institute brings together more than 70 faculty and 160 graduate students across fields to create a technological world grounded in a concern for social good.

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From food to biomedical, aerospace, energy or pharmaceutical — every major industry relies on chemical and materials engineers. With our newly launched Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, we’re looking at better and safer methods for resource conservation, production and pollution control. 

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Resilience, revitalized language and culture, and renewed interest in Indigenous practices of sustainability and governance speak to the strengths and contributions of Indigenous people. Our planned Centre for Indigenous Futures aims to enable more Indigenous makers and thinkers to shape the future of their communities, Quebec and Canada.

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In a world where new knowledge can be found across a variety of non-academic sources, we’re working to harvest expertise across different milieus. By investing to recruit specialized technicians, entrepreneur-mentors and experts-in-residence, we’re increasing our university’s connections beyond academia. 


Academic talent at the postdoctoral level sparks innovation and breakthroughs. Our university engages 80 to 120 postdoctoral fellows each year. To double that number, we want to invest in Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowships. Doing so will bring fresh ideas and new people, bolster our research footprint and attract international talent to Canada.

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