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Word in the World

Concordia University Graduate Journal of Theological Studies

This multi-disciplinary journal, produced by a team of Graduate Students from Concordia University’s Department of Theological Studies, provides a unique opportunity for Graduate Students to share their words, via scholarly articles or research papers, as well as their creative expressions through poetry, stories, photographs or visual arts. 

The goal of this peer-reviewed journal is to provide a forum for students and professionals to engage in dialogue with others on many diverse aspects related to theology, religion and faith. 

Word in the World welcomes and strongly encourages submissions from the many disciplines both within and beyond Concordia’s community, as it is through a wide variety of voices that Word in the World can enrich and nourish our world.   The journal also permits many budding academics and graduate students to publish their work for the first time.

 We hope that you will be inspired by our journal to get your word out into the world.

Word in the World - Concordia University Graduate Journal of Theological Studies
Previous issues
New Beginnings Volume 6 • 2014
Sacred Spaces Volume 5 • 2013
Emerging Insights Volume 4 • 2011
Theology Unbound Volume 3 • 2010
Sustainable Horizons... Volume 2 • 2009
Pilgrimage: Sacred Journeys
Volume 7 • 2015


KannenBright is the Undergraduate Student Journal. It is a multi-disciplinary periodical that recognizes the many diverse aspects of scholarship that shape the sphere of theological studies. As such, we welcome any scholarly articles, poetry, fiction, reflection pieces, or visual art that shed light on theological concerns. For more information on submission guidelines and deadline, please visit the Journal's website.

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