After your degree

What students do after they complete their studies with us

Our graduates have gone on to have successful careers in such areas as:

Provincial or federal government: Ethicists providing consulting services on various ethical issues (e.g. assisted dying, bioethics, etc)
Health care: manager of multi-million-dollar grant helping families with loved ones with mental illness to navigate the healthcare system; hospital chaplains; Spiritual animators in nursing care facilities
Education: teachers of Ethics and Religious Culture courses at all levels of pre-university education; CEGEP/College teachers of Humanities
Non-profit sector: employees with a charitable organization offering social services

Various opportunities also open up for graduate students who have completed in Theological Studies. For exmaple, Robin Stanford, a recent MA Graduate student, was hired to work at McGill University's School of Continuing Education as Administrative Coordinator (effective March 2019).

Featured alumni: Tyler Journeaux

Tyler Journeaux Left to right: Dr. Lucian Turcescu, Tyler
Journeaux, and Dr. Paul Allen

Tyler Journeaux is a graduate student who obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Theological Studies and Philosophy at Concordia University. He wrote an undergraduate thesis, under the direction of Dr. Paul Allen, on God’s Relationship to Time: From the Perspective of Analytic Theology. He was accepted for Fall, 2015 at the University of Oxford for a Master’s degree in Philosophical Theology. He is continuing to work on the theme of God and time and he maintains a broad interest in Theology, Philosophy and interrelationships among these disciplines. Tyler blogs at where a variety of topics are discussed.

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