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Course requirements

To obtain the Graduate Diploma in Community Economic Development (CED), a participant must obtain a minimum of 30 course credits and a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.70 or a B-. Courses offered within the Program range from required (3 credit) core courses, a required (6 credit) practical project course, (3-credit) elective Area of Concentration courses, to (1 credit) open session courses.

Full-time progression through the Program is:

  • Autumn semester: three core courses (9 credits total) and one open session (1 credit);
  • Winter semester: three core courses (9 credits total), including a four-month project course (3 credits), and one open session (1 credit);
  • Summer semester: two elective courses within a chosen Area of Concentration (6 credits total), the last four months of the internship or project course (3 credits), and one open session (1 credit).

Since learning activities are of an intensive and often collaborative nature, attending all classes is essential for each participant. However, justified absences may be inevitable for unexpected health or other personal reasons. Hence, in order to be eligible for obtaining course credits, participants must attend a minimum of 75% of classes of any given course.

Please note: For the definitive listing of course requirements and regulations, please refer to the Graduate Calendar.

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