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Dr. Ann English


Dr. Ann English Dr. Ann English

Aging is something we all worry about, wondering what we can do to avoid the health issues that come with getting older. But Dr English and her group are not just waiting to see how time affects us, they're working to fight it.

The newly named Research Fellow at Concordia is one of Canada's leading scientists in the field of bioinorganic chemistry, especially the roles of metalloproteins. Her main area of research at the moment is investigating how small molecules such as hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide act as chemical messengers to control cell communication and blood flow. She believes that it is essential to localize within cells the key metalloproteins that metabolize the chemical messengers.

This work is shedding new light on how organisms deal with oxidative and nitrosative stress, contributing factors in many age-related diseases. For example, her team's research on nitric oxide is critical to understanding factors at the molecular level that contribute to cardiovascular disease and neurodegeneration.

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