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Dr. Adrian Tsang

Professor, Biology

Dr. Adrian Tsang Dr. Adrian Tsang

The emergence of genomics and bioinformatics has revolutionized the way the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries conduct research and development.

Dr. Adrian Tsang, a professor in the Department of Biology at Concordia University and Director of the Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics, has made studying fungi — sequencing and analyzing their DNA to develop more efficient and ecologically friendlier industrial solutions — his research focus. This further advances the role of genomics and bioinformatics in environmental and industrial applications.

"The transition to an economy based on renewable biological resources, if done in a sustainable manner, promises to mitigate the substantial environmental and economic risks posed by the petrochemical-based economy." Tsang says.

"The sustainable conversion of underutilized biomass into fuels and materials calls for the massive use of novel enzymes and processes. Our research on the discovery, characterization and applications testing of enzymes aims directly at developing solutions for industrial and environmental sustainability."

If he has his way, fungal genes will soon be harnessed to bleach wood pulp for paper without using chemicals, and to convert waste such as wheat straws, stalks, twigs and leaves into biofuel, among other uses.

The economic potential, and possible consequences for the environment, are enormous.

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