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Elahe Fakoor

PhD Student

Junior Associate

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

Elahe Fakoor is developing a life cycle assessment (LCA) based framework for assessing the potential environmental impacts of novel surface engineering solutions. Her research is funded by the Green Surface Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing (Green-SEAM) Network. The enhanced processes and coating systems developed by Green-SEAM are expected to deliver environmental benefits, but may also create additional environmental challenges. Due to the lack of comprehensive data during early R&D, rigorous LCA is often not possible. The goal of this project is to provide researchers with an LCA-based screening tool that identifies the potential environmental benefits and concerns of various surface engineering candidates early in their development. Elahe is pursuing this research in the Construction Engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure under the supervision of Drs. Shannon Lloyd (Concordia), Annie Levasseur, and Mourad Ben Amor.

The title of Elahe's thesis is Development of an LCA-based framework to assess potential environmental impacts and benefits of surface engineering innovative solutions at early research and development stages.

Contact Elahe: elahe.fakoor.1 AT

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