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MA/PhD Positions: Sanctuary Cities in Canada

About the research:

Funded MA and PhD positions are available for the Fall 2023 at the Concordia Research Chair on the Politics of Immigration. These positions will contribute to Dr. Mireille Paquet’s research on sanctuary cities in Canada, in relation to the international project Soli*City: Urban Sanctuary, Migrant Solidarity, and Hospitality in Global Perspective. 


About the Research

Dr. Paquet’s research on sanctuary cities in Canada examines how cities develop capacities to support non-status and precarious status immigrants. The project  examines how local administrations manage relations with elected officials (e.g. mayors and councils) and with other local bureaucracies, including the police. It also considers implementation of sanctuary and “don’t ask, don’t tell'' policies.  This research engages with scholarship on public administration, local immigration politics and immigration studies.


Regarding the Fellowship


The paid fellowship is a unique opportunity for students to realize a thesis on sanctuary cities in Canada in the Department of political science at Concordia University. Student fellows will contribute to the project by offering research assistance and will gain access to primary data, methods training and collective publication opportunities.
Fellows will become members of the Concordia Research Chair on the Politics and participate in the activities of Soli*City and of the Équipe de recherche sur l’immigration au Québec et ailleurs (ERIQA). They will become part of a team of researchers in training and leading researchers in immigration studies with national and international connections.
La langue d’enseignement du département de science politique est l’anglais mais les étudiants peuvent rédiger leurs thèses et travaux en français ou en anglais. L’équipe de travail de ce projet est entièrement bilingue.


Financial commitment

The fellowship is valued at a minimum of $10,000 CAD per year of study (subject to ongoing satisfactory performance).
Applicants will also be considered for the following financial support (which can be held in combination): (1) Entrance awards, between $5,000 (for the first year only) – $14,000 (for four years; $56,000 total) CAD; and (2) teaching assistantships (TA), approximately $3600 per term. 
Fellows will be expected to apply for external grants to support their research activities, including SSHRC and FRQSC. International students, including from the United States, will also be considered for international fee remissions.

How to apply

Candidates are invited to send their application per email to Dr. Paquet ( using the subject " Sanctuary Cities in Canada” with the following elements:
• Email with your motivation and relevant experience
• Complete and up-to-date CV
• Up-to-date transcript or overall grade in the Master's or BA degree
Candidates must also apply to the MA in political Science or the PhD in political Science and indicate that they would like to be considered for this opportunity in their statement of purpose. This fellowship is not open to students in the Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration (MPPPA).
Deadline to apply is Thursday, February 15, 2023.

Contact us

Ayanna Ryan
Coordinator, Graduate Recruitment, Admissions and Retention
Faculty of Arts and Science

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