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Students can be affiliated to CPSI while pursuing a Master’s in Political Science or a PhD in Political Science. As part of these programs, CPSI members offer several immigration-specific political science courses. During their studies, CPSI affiliated students will have the possibility to contribute to ongoing research projects and to benefit from the support of our community in pursuing their own research interests. They will also have the opportunity to get hands-on experiences while participating to our workshops, lab meetings and multiple events.

CPSI affiliation is also possible for students engaging in the Humanities PhD Program and the Master’s and PhD of the Individualized Program (INDI).

CPSI’s director are all accepting MA and PhD students as well as postdoctoral fellows. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to learn about specific funding opportunities.  

Undergraduate students can complete a minor or certificate in Immigration Studies.



2021 Immigration and Politics Entrance Scholarships



The Centre for the Study of Politics and Immigration (CSPI) at Concordia is offering two (2) excellence scholarships for incoming students to MA or PhD programs in political science at Concordia. Each award is valued at $5,000 CAD.


This scholarship aims at supporting students interested in conducting research, under the direction of one or several of CPSI-affiliated faculty, on topics such as: immigration policies, immigrant political integration, nationalism and immigration and other topics at the intersection of politics and immigration. This opportunity is limited for students intending to commence their studies in the fall of 2021. CPSI-affiliated faculty that can direct students are : Antoine BilodeauMireille PaquetChedly Belkhodja and Daniel Salée.


To apply, interested students should:

  • Submit an application to the MA or the PhD program in political science at Concordia University (deadline February 1, 2021);
  • Clearly indicate their interest to be considered for the scholarship in their statement of purpose;
  • Indicate the name of the CPSI-affiliated faculty they would like to be supervised by in their statement of purpose.


Please contact Dr. Antoine Bilodeau ( for further information.




  • Applicants to the graduate program in Public Policy and Public Administration (MPPPA) will not be considered for this scholarship. It is only available to applicants to the MA and PhD programs in political science;


  • The scholarship is open to international students, permanent residents and Canadian citizens;


  • The language of instruction at Concordia is in English but students can write their work in French, members of the CPSI all speak and conduct reseach in French.




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