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Immigration and Diversity Investigation Lab (IDIL)

The Immigration and Diversity Investigation Lab (IDIL), directed by Antoine Bilodeau, aims to better understand, through a behavioural approach, immigrants' adaptation to their environment and local populations’ reactions to their increasingly diverse environment.

Recent publications

  • Turgeon, L., A. Bilodeau, S. White, and A. Henderson. 2019. “A Tale of Two Liberalisms? Understanding Support for Restrictions on Minority Religious Symbols in Quebec and the Rest of Canada.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 54 (2): 247-265.
  • Bilodeau, A., L. Turgeon, S. White, and A. Henderson. 2018. “Strange Bedfellows? Attitudes Toward Minority and Majority Religious Symbols in the Public Sphere.” Politics and Religion 11 (2): 309-333.
  • Bilodeau, A. 2017. “Mobilization or Demobilization? Perceived Discrimination and Political Engagement among Visible Minorities in Quebec”. Political Science 67 (2): 122-138.
  • Bilodeau, A. 2016. “Usage du français et préférences politiques des néo-Québécois. » Revue canadienne de science politique 49 (1) : 41-62.
  • Bilodeau, A. and S. White. 2016. “Trust among Recent Immigrants in Canada: Levels, Origins, and Implications for Integration.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 42 (8): 1317-1333.
  • Bilodeau, A. 2016. “Migrating Gender Inequalities? Immigrant Women’s Participation in Political Survey Research.” International Migration Review 50 (4): 951-976.
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