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INTE 498/EWC3:
Presenting & Publishing Research

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Undergraduate INTE 498/EWC3 Spring 2020 course outline will be available soon...
Interested in learning how to disseminate the results of your research to the public? Register for INTE 498/EWC3: Presenting & Publishing Research.
This course is intended to be a follow-up to INTE 398 (EWC2). In this course, students will have the opportunity to generate their own research and will be guided through steps to refine and finalize their work for public dissemination.
More specifically, students in this class will have the opportunity to take six day-long workshops that are designed to introduce them to the basics of visualizing their findings and results, preparing their work for presentation, presenting their work, and finalizing their manuscripts for publication. Furthermore, as part of this course, students will have the added opportunity to submit their final work for publication in the WSSR’s online repository.
This course is ideal for students looking to fine-tune their writing and presentation skills, either for courses in their program, in preparation for graduate school, or simply out of general interest.
This course can be taken as a stand-alone course or as part of the 15-credit Elective Group Knowledge-Implementation, Networking, and Decision-Making (KIND).  
Note: Students can also take the "Presenting & Pulishing Research" workshop series for non-credit.

In Spring 2020, to earn credit for this course, students will attend a total of six day-long workshops (9:00am to 4:30pm, with a lunch break from noon to 1:30pm) as well as complete the course requirements. The schedule of workshops will be made available in March 2020.

Workshop Dates and times
Orientation TBA
Workshop 1 TBA
Workshop 2 TBA
Workshop 3 TBA
Workshop 4 TBA
Workshop 5 TBA
Workshop 6 TBA

Undergraduate students from all disciplines are welcome to take INTE 498/EWC3 for credit (3 credits). In order to be permitted to register, you must have completed at least 48 credits toward your program.

How to register
Enrollment in this course is simple, just visit -> My Student Centre
You can search for the course code INTE 498 "EWC3: Presenting & Publishing Research". Note: registration for this course will be available starting in March 2020.

For detailed enrollment instructions, visit

Course Outline
Stay tuned, a sample course outline will be available soon.

Students participating in INTE 498/EWC3 will be required to pay a reduced workshop rate of $50/day (each course comprises 6 days of workshops, totaling $300 for the course). This fee is charged in addition to the regular tuition and is added directly to the student's account upon registration.

These fees cover the costs of:

  • Access to each of the course's WSSR workshops
  • Course materials


Important Notes:
1. Enrollment for Spring 2020 will open in March. Simply register through your portal (see above for instructions).

2. The full schedule for this course will be listed above. Students will also have access to a MOODLE page for the course, which will provide them with important course information as well as up-to-date information on their schedule of workshops.

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