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Tasha Kheiriddin

Political Analyst and President of TJK Communications


Tasha Kheiriddin, Political Analyst and President of TJK Communications


A familiar face to followers of Canadian politics, Tasha writes weekly columns for both the National Post newspaper and . She provides analysis in English for CBC News Network’s The National, in French for RDI’s Le Téléjournal and Radio Canada’s Grands Lacs Café, and is a recurring host of the Everything is Political show on SiriusXM radio. She is the co-author of the 2005 best-seller Rescuing Canada’s Right: Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution. Her website is

A Montreal native and law graduate of McGill University, Tasha joined the former Progressive Conservative Party at the age of 14. She served as national President of the PC Youth Federation and worked in Ottawa for cabinet ministers Barbara MacDougall and Bernard Valcourt, as well as Ontario Attorney General Charles Harnick. In 1998 Tasha left active politics and her legal career for television journalism, with CBC Newsworld and CPAC, where her work earned her the Justicia Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2003. She subsequently served as Ontario Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Vice-President of the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI), and Director for Quebec of the Fraser Institute, and lectured on conservative politics at her alma mater, McGill University. In 2012 she was awarded the Economic Education Prize from the MEI for her writing on economic issues.


Tasha Kheiriddin

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