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Dr. Jon Pammett

Distinguished Research Professor
Carleton University

Dr. Jon Pammett, Carleton University

Jon H. Pammett is Distinguished Research Professor (Political Science) at Carleton University.  He served as Chair of the Political Science Department from 1989 to 1995, and in two Associate Dean positions in the Faculty of Public Affairs from 2001-2007.  His research has been concentrated in the fields of voting behaviour, declines in voter participation, political education, and socialization.  He is co-author of Dynasties and Interludes: Past and Present in Canadian Electoral Politics (Dundurn, 2016), Political Choice in Canada and three editions of  Absent Mandate, as well as numerous journal articles on elections.  He is co-editor and contributor to The Canadian Federal Election of 2015, as well as earlier volumes in this series since the election of 1988.  He is co-editor and contributor to Activating the Citizen: Dilemmas of Participation in Europe and Canada (Palgrave, 2009).

For Elections Canada, Pammett has written on Explaining the Turnout Decline in Canadian Federal Elections (2003) and Consultation and Evaluation Practices in the Implementation of Electronic Voting in Canada and Europe (2013).  For the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, he developed the handbook Engaging the Electorate: Initiatives to Promote Voter Turnout from Around the World (2006). Pammett is Co-Director of the Carleton University Survey Centre, and led the Canadian contribution to the International Social Survey Programme.

Dr. Jon Pammett

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