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John Duffy

Founder of StrategyCorp and Former Advisor to Prime Minister Paul Martin


John Duffy, Founder of StrategyCorp and Former Advisor to Prime Minister Paul Martin

John Duffy is a founder of StrategyCorp and one of Canada’s leading government relations and public affairs consultants.

Serving a wide range of ROB and Fortune 500 corporations in Toronto and Ottawa, John designs and executes public policy strategies for clients in many sectors of the economy, including: pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, financial services, energy, broadcasting, transportation, health care, manufacturing, consumer goods, post-secondary education, and retailing.

He has been actively involved in Liberal Party politics for over thirty years. At the federal level, he served for twenty years as a volunteer advisor to the Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, playing senior policy and strategy roles in the 2003 leadership campaign and the 2004 and 2006 general elections. John was also a senior volunteer advisor in the Liberal Party of Canada’s restructuring process under Interim Leader Bob Rae in 2011-12.

Provincially, John has served as a volunteer strategic consultant on the last several Ontario Liberal election campaigns, including the 2003 race which brought Premier Dalton McGuinty to power. Most recently, John was volunteer director of the campaign of the Hon. Glen Murray for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. Following Mr. Murray’s withdrawal from the race in favour of the Hon. Kathleen Wynne, John has since worked for the Wynne campaign in various volunteer roles, including strategic advisory regarding the 2014 campaign which returned the Liberal Party to majority government.

Municipally, John was the volunteer Policy Director for the mayoral campaign of John Tory. He is widely credited for having brought to the campaign the SmartTrack transit proposal which was the centrepiece of Mr. Tory’s winning effort.

John’s government experience includes service in the federal offices of the Minister of Employment and Immigration and the Minister of the Environment, and in the offices of the Premier of Ontario, the province’s Minister of Labour, and its Minister of Skills Development.

He is the author of Fights of Our Lives: Elections, Leadership and the Making of Canada, a bestselling examination of Canada’s five pivotal federal elections. Fights of Our Lives was selected as Canada’s Political Book of the Year for 2002 by the Writers’ Trust. In 2013, it was voted one of the top five political books of the last quarter-century in Canada.

John appears regularly as a commentator in a wide range of major broadcast and print outlets. His opinions have been published in the Globe and Mail, the National Post, La Presse, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times of London, and the International Herald Tribune.

He holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Toronto.

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