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Jean-Pierre Kingsley

Former Chief Electoral Officer of Canada


Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Former Chief Electoral Officer of Canada

Jean-Pierre Kingsley served as Chief Electoral Officer from 1990 to 2007. During his term, he adopted a proactive role for his Office, recommending and promoting key initiatives to make the electoral process more accessible.

While ushering in reforms needed to comply with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, he led Elections Canada into the age of computerized election administration. In 1992, with the adoption of Bill C-78, Elections Canada gained a new mandate to inform and educate voters, particularly those most likely to experience difficulties in exercising their democratic rights.

Other achievements include the introduction of the 36-day election calendar, digitized electoral geography systems and products, and the establishment of the National Register of Electors. In addition, the election financing regime was expanded to regulate third-party advertising and election financing of all political entities, combining to make the electoral process more fair and transparent. Jean-Pierre Kingsley also presided over a period of unprecedented technological change, including the development of the Elections Canada Web site as a comprehensive tool for public information.

During his tenure, Elections Canada participated in many significant international development missions aimed at promoting democratic electoral processes through co-operation, capacity building and mutually beneficial relationships.

Following his recommendations to Parliament, the Canada Elections Act was amended in 2006 to authorize the Chief Electoral Officer to appoint returning officers.

Mr. Kingsley also served as Executive Director of the Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton. As President and CEO, he built and commissioned the Ottawa General Hospital. He was Deputy Secretary Human Resources at the Treasury Board Secretariat in Ottawa and was Deputy Secretary at the Ministry of State for Social Development. Mr. Kingsley also administered the Conflict of Interest regime for Mr. Mulroney's cabinet.

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