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Janet Brown

Pollster and Political Analyst


Based in Calgary, Janet Brown is one of Alberta’s most-recognized pollsters and political analysts. With over 25 years experience in polling and marketing research, Ms. Brown has developed a knack for asking the right people the right questions. Ms. Brown sees beyond the headlines and talk radio chatter to assess and interpret what’s happening beneath the surface in Alberta politics.

In partnership with journalist Paul McLoughlin, Janet publishes the Wild Ride Update – a quarterly report on Alberta’s rapidly evolving political scene. She is co-author of “Marginally Better: Polling in the 2015 Alberta Election”, a chapter to be included in “Orange Chinook,” an edited volume to be released by the University of Calgary Press on January 31, 2019. Ms. Brown is a regular commentator on the CBC Calgary News at Six, Alberta Primetime on CTV2 in Alberta, and The Weekend Morning News on Global News Calgary.

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