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Dr. Caroline Andrew

Professor and Past Director of the Centre on Governance,
University of Ottawa


Distinguished University Professor 2006-2007 Recipient, Professor Andrew's professional career at the University of Ottawa spans more than 30 years. A former dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences (1997-2005), she is a full professor at the School of Political Studies and the Past Director of the Centre on Governance. She is a nationally recognized authority on urban and feminist studies, as well as on cultural diversity.

For the past forty years Professor Andrew has been doing urban research, and more specifically on building inclusive cities for women and girls in all their diversity and on the integration of recent immigrants. She is very involved in partnership projects with the City of Ottawa that aim to improve municipal-community efforts to better integrate recent immigrants. Three such projects are Youth Futures/Avenir Jeunesse, the City for All Women Initiative, and the City’s project to evaluate the implementation of the Equity and Inclusion Lens and the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP).

Professor Andrew sits on the Board of the Lower Town Community Resource Centre and on the board of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants. In 2013 she received the Order of Ottawa and in 2014 the Order of Canada. She has been Chair of the Task Force on Respect and Equality which recently submitted its report to the University, Ending Sexualized Violence at the University of Ottawa.

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Selected publications

Andrew, C. & Franovic, A. (forthcoming) “Rethinking Suburbanization: Towards a Socially Just Transit System for Ottawa”, in Jan Nijman (ed.) Life of North American Suburbs, University of Toronto Press.

Klodawski, F., Siltanen, J. & Andrew, C. (ed.) (2018) Toward Equity and Inclusion in Canadian Cities, Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 330 p.

Klodawski, F. Andrew, C. & Siltanen, J. (2018). “Closing Reflections” in F. Klodawski, J. Siltanen, & C. Andrew (ed.) Toward Equity and Inclusion in Canadian Cities, Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, p. 306-310

Franovic, A. & Andrew, C. (2018). “Ottawa as a livable city”, in Caves, R. and Wagner, F. (ed.) Livable Cities from a Global Perspective, New York, Routledge.

Graham, K. & Andrew, A. (ed.) (2014). Canada in Cities: The Politics and Policy of Federal-Local Governance, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 285 p.

Andrew, C. & Doloreux, D. (2014). “Linking Innovation and Inclusion: The Governance Question in Ottawa” in N. Bradford & A. Bramwell (ed.) Governing Urban Economies: Innovation and Inclusion in Canadian City Regions, University of Toronto Press, p.137-160.

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